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I'm Brandye and I want to welcome you to plateLee. I help you bring whole foods and clean ingredients to your table without the fuss. My journey with food has brought me to a place of understanding that everything we eat either creates wellness or disease. I believe that whole foods and clean ingredients is what God intended for us to eat in order to thrive. I have helped many people transition into this way of eating and I understand how overwhelming it can be. plateLee takes the overwhelm out of clean eating and brings in flavor and ease. Let me do the hard work of planning, shopping, and creating dishes that create wellness and tastes great! I'll even do the dishes!

I cook meals that eliminate inflammatory foods. All dishes will have a paleo foundation. My commitment to you is clean eating, fresh ingredients, ethically raised meat, and an adherence to EWG's (Environmental Working Group) dirty dozen organic foods. 

All dishes are gluten free, soy free, legume free, and dairy free (with the exception of occasional grass fed butter which can be swapped out upon request). 

UPDATE: Because of the current situation with Covid-19, there have been some limitations of food availability. This makes it possible that occasional legumes may be used in dishes. This will be listed under each dish if applicable. 

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