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This course will dive into the how's and why's of cooking clean so that you can feel empowered to bring clean eating into your kitchen. 

Each class will be a 1.5(ish) hour class. We will learn how to read labels for clean eating, gain education into mkaein practical changes in your kitchen, and prep a clean eating recipe that you can take home for dinner! All supplies and food will be provided.* 

Each week you will get a small gift that will help you get started on your clean eating kitchen! 

Class is for 1 spot only. You can bring a friend to the course for $50. Additional supplies and food will not be provided. Educational information will. Only one friend allowed per 4 week course per participant. 


*On week 4, each participant will bring ingredients for a recipe. There will be an allotment provided by plateLee for ingredients. More details provided on Week 1 of the course. 

4 Week Cooking Course

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